We sell our Illegally Good! products in packages. Bars are sold by the piece in increments of 4, 10, and 20 packs. Fudge is sold by weight in increments of ¼ pound, ½ pound and 1 pound. If you pick a 4 pack of bars for instance, you will be asked to choose 4 flavors to fill the package.

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4 pack bars

10 pack bars

20 pack bars

When ordering fudge choose your weight then you will be offered the fudge flavors. You can mix and match bars and fudge choices to build a small order, or an order as large as you like. You may choose up to 4 flavors with a pound of fudge. Just leave a note with the flavors you would like in the Special Instructions box.
1/4 lb fudge

1/2 lb fudge

1 lb fudge